• School of Site Acqusition  - ONLINE or in person

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Site acquisition process and procedures for new builds;

Site acquisition process and procedures for site upgrades;

RF fundamentals for non-RF

Site acquisition for all types of structures

Understanding C-RAN, Small Cells, ODAS

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(ONLINE class - online conference call with screen sharing format)

  • Feasibility studies for new tower location:

evaluation of search ring area demographics and geography; zoning and permitting research; environmental and regulatory research, including FAA/FCC; existing tower proximity and who collocates on nearby towers; potential collocation needs; utilities, backhaul and access review; estimated costs; potential rent amount study, including ground rent research;

  •  Full site acquisition services for new site builds:    

candidate identification; SCIP; survey; 1A; 2C; geo; Phase 1; leasing; zoning and permitting; engineering management; environmental and regulatory, SHPO, tribes, migratory birds, FAA, FCC registration; temporary crane FAA; project management; due diligence. New and existing towers, rooftops, water tanks, power lines, etc

  • Site acquisition for infrastructure: generators, battery upgrade, HVAC upgrade

compound/shelter evaluation, power calculator, HVAC calculator, application subbmittal, engineering management, zoning and permitting, easements, environmental and regulatory, leasing, due diligence

  • Site Acquisition services for site upgrades:

scoping, due diligence, RF data sheet review, SOW, application submittal, leasing, BA's, structural analysis ordering and review, business case preparation for tower reinforcements, mount analysis ordering and review, MMD ordering and review, zoning and permitting, regulatory and environmental, temporary FAA crane evaluation, SHPO, project management